List of doctorate degrees in Science, Fine arts, Commerce and Computer

A doctorate degree is often known as PhD- doctor of philosophy is the most honored degree in the education system. We have written a series of articles covering various topics related to PhD and doctorate check out this: 

  1. What is a PhD? 
  2. How to get a PhD degree? 
  3. How to write a PhD thesis? 
  4. How to defend a PhD thesis? 

We also have compared different types of doctorate degrees to make it more clear to you, so that you can understand it correctly. Here those articles are: 

Besides, we also have tried to explain several PhD types and their importance in different countries. But in the present piece of article, I will explain various doctorate degree types and categorized them based on the subject. We will also subcategorize degrees so that it helps you to choose. 

We first categorized broadly all the subjects into four different major categories: science, Fine arts, commerce and Engineering then we will enlist various doctoral degrees.

List of doctorate degrees in science: 

The study of living, non-living, physical and chemical things are collectively categorized into science. Extensive research is needed to state various theories, equations and produce new knowledge. 

All the science subjects are sub-classified into Biology, chemistry, physics and computer science. Also nowadays applied science topics in various subjects are now available. 

Doing PhD in science and related subjects is somewhat tedious than other subjects like fine arts. The reason is extensive lab research. A prospective student has to do lab work, do experiments and check hypotheses to conclude or defend their PhD title. Take a look at some popular doctorate degree in biology. 

Doctorate degree in biology: 

Popularly known as DSc or doctor of science is the highest level of educational degree given for providing excellent knowledge in the field of biology. The study needs research in,

Doctorate in biology includes study in Zoology, botany, microbiology, environmental science, evolutionary biology, computational biology, molecular biology and biological science. 

Furthermore, a list of popular doctorate subjects in biology is here: 

  • Doctorate in biology 
  • Doctorate in molecular biology 
  • Doctorate in cell biology 
  • Doctorate in computational biology 
  • Doctorate in biochemistry 
  • Doctorate in chemical biology 
  • Doctorate in physical biology or biophysics 
  • Doctorate in genetics 
  • Doctorate in microbiology 
  • Doctorate in biochemistry 
  • Doctorate in phylogenetics 
  • Doctorate in bioinformatics 
  • Doctorate in toxicology 

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Doctorate degree in physics: 

The study of physical things- nonliving, mechanics, dynamics, energy and matter is collectively known as physics. here are some of the doctoral degrees in physics.

  • Doctorate in pure physics 
  • Doctorate in applied physics 
  • Doctorate in physical chemistry 
  • Doctorate in biological physics 
  • Doctorate in thermodynamics 
  • Doctorate in mechanics 
  • Doctorate in quantum physics 
  • Doctorate in theoretical physics 
  • Doctorate in physics engineering 
  • Doctorate in material science and physics 
  • Doctorate in computational physics 
  • Doctorate in geophysics 
  • Doctorate in mathematical physics 
  • Doctorate in sociophysics
  • Doctorate in mechanics 
  • Doctorate in optical physics 
  • Doctorate in quantum mechanics 
  • Doctorate in atomic physics 
  • Doctorate in aeronautical science 

Doctorate degree in chemistry 

The study of chemicals- organic as well as non-organic is categorized into chemistry or chemical science. In the chemistry effect, synthesis, use and postulations of various chemicals are studies. 

All the chemical science subjects are broadly categorized into organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. 

  • Doctorate in pure chemistry 
  • Doctorate in organic chemistry 
  • Doctorate in inorganic chemistry 
  • Doctorate in physical chemistry 
  • Doctorate in biochemistry 
  • Doctorate in atomic chemistry 
  • Doctorate in geochemistry 
  •  Doctorate in agrochemistry 
  • Doctorate in instrumental chemistry 
  • Doctorate in chemical synthesis 
  • Doctorate in analytical chemistry 
  • Doctorate in chemical engineering
  • Doctorate in forensic chemistry 

List of doctorate degrees in fine arts, social science and law: 

  • Doctorate in arts 
  • Doctorate in fine arts 
  • Doctorate in music
  • Doctorate in dance
  • Doctorate in language 
  • Doctorate in literature
  • Doctorate in history 
  • Doctorate in photography 
  • Doctorate in architect
  • Doctorate in poetry 

Doctorate in humanities

  • Doctorate in social work 
  • Doctorate in public relations 
  • Doctorate in public and economical policy 
  • Doctorate in psychology 
  • Doctorate in physiology 
  • Doctorate in geology 
  • Doctorate in social science 
  • Doctorate in international relations and policies 
  • Doctorate in literature 
  • Doctorate in history 

Doctorate in language 

  • Doctorate in English 
  • Doctorate in Spanish 
  • Doctorate in Hindi 
  • Doctorate in other regional languages 

Doctorate in law 

  • Doctorate in legal studies 
  • Doctorate in law and governance 
  • Doctorate in international affairs 
  • Doctorate in criminal justice 
  • Doctorate in criminology 
  • Doctorate in civil law 
  • Doctorate in law and policies 

List of doctorate degrees in commerce, Business & management: 

Like other doctorates, the doctorates or PhD in business, leadership or commerce are prestigious and high paying. 

  • Doctorate in accounts 
  • Doctorate in financial management 
  • Doctorate in commerce management 
  • Doctorate in accounting and financial management 
  • Doctorate in business administration 

List of doctorate degrees in Engineering: 

A special branch of science, dedicatedly designed to learn, build and use engines, machines and structure are called engineering. Engineering is usually a four-year graduation course available in many sciences and applied science subjects. 

A person needs to appear in the examination to get admission in the PhD. here is the list of a doctorate in engineering degree in various subjects. 

  • Doctorate in (pure) engineering 
  • Doctorate in genetic engineering 
  • Doctorate in engineering and technology 
  • Doctorate in civil engineering 
  • Doctorate in mechanical engineering 
  • Doctorate in computer science and engineering 
  • Doctorate in information technology 
  • Doctorate in chemical engineering 
  • Doctorate in Aeronautical engineering 
  • Doctorate in production engineering 
  • Doctorate in robotics 
  • Doctorate in aerodynamics and engineering 
  • Doctorate in B tech 
  • Doctorate in food technology 

List of doctorate degree in computer:

  • Doctorate in computer science
  • Doctorate in bioinformatics
  • Doctorate in information and technology
  • Doctorate in computational biology
  • Doctorate in computer and robotics

List of other doctorate degrees 

  • Doctorate in Education 
  • Doctorate in teaching 
  • Doctorate in physical education 
  • Doctorate in educational studies and leadership 
  • Doctorate in marine science
  • Doctorate in marine biotechnology 
  • Doctorate in computer science 
  • Doctorate in medicine 
  • Doctorate in pharmacy 
  • Doctorate in international studies 
  • Doctorate in natural science 
  • Doctorate of letters 
  • Doctorate of fine writing 
  • Doctorate in veterinary medicines 
  • Doctorate in clinical science 
  • Doctorate in forensic science 
  • Doctorate in human health 
  • Doctorate in health studies 
  • Doctorate in architecture 
  • Doctorate in agriculture 
  • Doctorate in agriculture and food 
  • Doctorate in horticulture 
  • Doctorate in fashion designing 
  • Doctorate in digital media 
  • Doctorate in heritage 
  • Doctorate in data science 
  • Doctorate in sports and exercise 
  • Doctorate in theology 
  • Doctorate in divinity 
  • Doctorate in dental science 
  • Doctorate in audiology 
  • Doctorate in clinical nutrition 
  • Doctorate in forestry 
  • Doctorate in library science 
  • Doctorate in occupational therapy 
  • Doctorate in genetic counseling 
  • Doctorate in science and hygiene 

List of most popular doctorate degrees: 

Doctorate in Psychology: 

Doctorate or PhD in Psychology is one of the most popular as well as demanding PhD courses across the world. It’s a highly paying and most prestigious degree in which a candidate can do research, teach students as well as can do clinical practice too.

Therefore, a lot of career options are available for doing PhD or doctorate in psychology. The process of admission is also the same as other subjects. 

A candidate needs to appear in the entrance exam with a master’s degree in his or her hand. To unlock the real research world, they have to open the door to PhD by completing the course work. 

A dissertation or thesis, a publication and viva are the three major criteria to award the PhD degree in psychology. It takes around 3 to 7 years to complete it. 

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Doctorate in Education: 

Again, a doctorate in education or PhD in education is popular too. Higher positions in the education system, colleges or universities and leadership responsibilities attracts more students to do EdD or PhD in education. 

However, both EdD- doctorate in education and PhD in education are different things! 

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Master’s degree with or without the MPhil, outstanding research background needs to get admission. The criteria to award the degree is similar to other doctorates. 

Note that a doctorate in education is a high paying degree. 

Doctorate in medicine: 

Only a person or a student doing a professional medical course can appear in the doctorate of medicine. The present degree is a highly professional doctorate in which a person’s experience valued more. 

Soon after completing the degree, the doctor will serve society with their groundbreaking expertise, it prepares the prospective candidate to apply knowledge to solve real-world problems. 

Noteworthy, dissertation or thesis are usually not required, rather expert takes candidates clinical practice into account for awarding the degree. A candidate needs to prepare a short report at the end of the tenure. 

It is a costlier but high paying degree. A master’s degree in medical science or medicine is needed to appear in the doctorate of medicine. 

Doctorate in science and applied science: 

Doctorates in science and applied science are now more in demand. Trained professionals in a particular field can give more to society and country with their research knowledge. 

A prospective person needs to do research on one topic, find knowledge and submit it to the university. The findings must be new and not recreated. The criteria to get admission in the doctorate in science vary from subject to subject and university to university. 

After completing the degree, a person gets jobs in the research center, academics as well as in companies. 

Doctorate in mechanical engineering: 

Mechanical engineering is an evergreen field of engineering and also a high paying one. Doing a PhD or doctorate in mechanical engineering opens a new door for students to do research, find new things and create something new in their field. 

By patenting their findings, scientists can earn royalties throughout their life. 

A student needs to do B tech as well as M Tech for getting admission. It takes around 6 to 7 years to complete a PhD in mechanical engineering or any other engineering subjects. 

A well-written draft and publication with a unique patent must require to award the PhD in mechanical engineering. 

Doctorate in Physical therapy: 

Yet another most popular PhD or doctorate program is the PhD in physical therapy. Doing a PhD in the present subject is the same as other, although some criteria may change from universities to universities. 

The person becomes a scientist, physician, occupational therapist or social worker with an annual earning of more than 50,000$. 

Master’s in physical therapy or occupational health is required to apply in the present doctorate. 

Doctorate in chemistry: 

How we can ignore chemistry! Chemicals are everywhere, from our food to the moon. Companies, research centers and organizations need more chemical experts and scientists to use various chemicals. 

A person with a chemistry degree has a secure future but doing a doctorate in chemistry is ever more valuable in terms of honor and earning. 

The criteria for getting admission and completing the degree are the same as other science degrees. 

Doctorate in the English language: 

English is an international language. One needs to learn English to communicate internationally and therefore doing a doctorate in English language or literature is more valuable. 

A person needs a postgraduate degree in English or other arts subject to appear in the PhD. After completing the degree, one may get jobs in various fields from education to international affairs of the country or they become English language experts. 


Doing PhD or doctorate is actually a tough job, in any subject. A student has to prepare mentally and economically to get a degree. Although it is a fun thing for those who love to study.

Note that in one single subject there are a lot of PhD options available, you have to choose a course and topics as per your knowledge and expertise. 

Worldwide, a Master’s degree is the main criteria to award the ‘prestige’ but may vary. 

In addition to this, a written draft- a thesis is required in most of the doctorate degree, accept the professional one. 

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