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Doing PhD is a tougher task, at least for newbies. They need direction, guidance and early knowledge. PhD is the utmost degree in the education system and hard to get. But fortunately, by taking proper guidance and following experts’ roots, one can achieve it smoothly.

ThePhDHub is the place where you can find information regarding PhD. You can learn how to do a PhD, Which subject you can choose and which PhD program suits you.

We have explained about PhD, its definition, scope and importance in various articles, furthermore, we also have shared the experience of some PhD students. At The PhDHub we have enlisted various PhD courses that you can select from the world’s best universities.

What you can learn here?

You can expect to learn Educational content especially focusing on PhD- doctorate, educational writing, scientific writing and various doctorate programs across the world.

What to expect from articles?

Articles at ThePhDHub are written to teach and inform prospective PhD candidates to address various problems related to doctorate. Furthermore, some students and PhD fellows have shared their experiences which are valuable to newbies.

What are the objects of our blog?

To educate students on PhD
To teach prospective students how to do a doctorate, how to select topics and guide.
To let students know what they can do with a PhD, career options and earning potential.

Our small team will helps you to find out solutions regarding your PhD questions. Our team members are:

Dr Tushar Chauhan
Dr Tushar Chauhan

Dr. Tushar Chauhan is a Scientist, Blogger and Scientific-writer. He has completed PhD in Genetics. Dr. Chauhan is a PhD coach and tutor.

Binal Tailor

  • MSc in Genetics
  • Blogger and writer- ThePhDHub

Tasneem Gandhi

  • Blogger and content developer at ThePhDHub

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