What is the purpose of a PhD thesis?

What is the Purpose of Writing a PhD Thesis?

“A PhD or dissertation thesis is written proof showing that the student or researcher has performed their research and contributed new knowledge in the relevant field.” 

Usually, students understand the importance of their thesis at the very end, however, the purpose of writing a dissertation or PhD thesis must be known prior to initiate the PhD. 

You are specifically solving a problem during your PhD, and many questions and doubts are there in your mind. But do you know, or have you ever wondered, why you need to write a thesis? 

You never. I know. 

You perhaps have the precise answer if I ask this question to you — to show your research or it’s a part of PhD curriculum. You are right, partly. But let me tell you that your thesis is more than that; trust me, it’s a pillar of your career. 

It would shape your career. In which direction your career would go, highly depends on your thesis. So before starting everything else, you should have one thing clear in your mind, Why are you writing the dissertation thesis? What is the purpose? 

I’m not talking about your purpose of the thesis statement, I’m talking about the sole, clear and academic purpose of the thesis. When you know the importance of writing a thesis, you will re-think it and write it with motivation. 

So what is it? Let’s find out. 

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What is the Purpose of Writing a Thesis?

You would write your thesis with the best of your current knowledge but when you will show it to someone, or if someone will ask you to show it– in the future, you should never be ashamed. Hence here are some of the purposes of writing a thesis

It’s a written proof

If you have done some research and someone asks how you drew your conclusion? Imagine, without a thesis how can you show anything? Or even convince someone? So the very first purpose of writing the dissertation is to give proof.

It’s written evidence proclaiming your research, original work, findings and knowledge on a particular topic. Written, oral and logical arguments are three pieces of evidence referees need to validate your work. And writing is key evidence among all. 

How have you done the research? 

There are many types of research and many ways to approach a particular topic or research. A thesis shows how you have done your research and drew the conclusion. In a thesis, you have to show the methodology, technique, process or hypothesis you have used. 

You give all the background information of your research, every minute detail including the name of the instrument to the utilities used. This first, confirm your authenticity of work, and second and most importantly– the way you performed your research. 

It shows your proficiency and knowledge 

You are providing new insight and knowledge to the topic or perhaps, a fresh and new perspective to the existing knowledge. In the form of the introductory chapter, you express your knowledge. 

While writing an in-depth review you present your proficiency and logical angle on the existing research topic. Not only that, the reader can learn about your academic communication skills and your ability to extract and present your knowledge from your thesis. 

To solve the problem 

The utmost purpose, the most important and valuable one of writing a thesis is to solve a problem. Through the research ‘some’ problem you solve while documenting it, you show it to the world.  

A thesis should be written in such a way that even a non-topic expert can gain some cumulative idea about what the research is. 

How do you see the other research? 

A PhD thesis is not only about your own research. In fact, your findings least matter if other relevant findings are not discussed. Remember, the reader would be a subject expert or at least, any doctor of philosophy. So they would evaluate your work on the basis of how you present other research.   

In your thesis, you have to discuss findings in support and in contrast to your research. Furthermore, you have to convey why this research is so important and what are the limitations. You also have to show and convince readers why your findings and results are important, valuable and considerable. 

Henceforth, your research only gets value if you quote or use other research appropriately, giving the original researchers credit and honor to which they are entitled to. 

These are some of the purposes to write any dissertation thesis and every thesis of any stream should show all these purposes, however, let me tell you, a thesis is even more than these too. You can impress an unknown person with your thesis, and can also show your character, knowledge and strength to do research. 

The purpose of a dissertation thesis is to show

  • Your academic and scientific writing skills. 
  • Your sense of information retrieval. 
  • Your skills to present knowledge. 
  • Your skills for problem-solving, critical thinking and demonstrating new findings. 
  • Your sense to address other findings. 
  • Your knowledge about augmenting in a logical way.
  • Your English and scientific writing knowledge.
  • Your approach to any topic. 
  • Your sense of responsibility. 

Wrapping up 

Your graduate or master’s thesis would only show your interest in a topic. There’s nothing more than that. But your dissertation or PhD thesis, trust me, will remain with you always. It’s like your personality and shows your character. 

It manifests who you are as a scientist and how you will see things. So it’s become critical to understand the importance of the thesis and write accordingly. However, do remember that it’s not about giving weight to the thesis in terms of the number of pages, it’s about giving weight in terms of knowledge.  

If you have just started writing your thesis, or you have completed a huge portion, don’t worry, just keep in mind that your dissertation should reveal as much information as possible about it. 

When we write for any client, we understand their perspective, knowledge, and character as a scientist, before starting writing. And when we finish, we do keep in mind that their PhD thesis should strongly portray all their traits. 

Happy PhD journey and best of luck for thesis writing. Do inquire if you have any problems regarding writing. 

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