PhD Comics- Fun Things to PhD!

Doing a PhD is a tedious job we know it right. It is really a serious business to do and that is why it is designated as the highest level of honor in the education system. 

The era is of the internet, people are busy doing so much work and social media, rest of the time. Interestingly some people on the internet have created unique things related to PhD, a comic!

A PhD comic makes you laugh and you feel connected immediately because the things are somehow we had faced during our PhD. 

So let’s check out some good PhD Comics. 

Note: all these PhD comics are taken from the Their collection is incredible. All images are copyright to the phdcomics.

The first one is the marriage vs the PhD. 

The highlight of the comic is that, “foolish young people in love ended in marriage and foolish young people without a job ended in PhD.”

Marriage vs PhD

Average time spent composing one email: 

This one is a good punch. We should have to write an email with detail and also with “respect”, and our PhD supervisor replies in a single word. That happens to all.

Motivational level graph:

As we starts our PhD we are filled with motivations but as time passes the motivation goes down and frustration level increases.


Every one has faced this final.doc things! even after competing my PhD, i have so many Final.doc, finallll.doc, final01.doc and finallufinal.doc files on my laptop. See the comic:

World cup vs the PhD:

Your thesis committee:

Now this one is a catchy, “impossibly difficult group to get together in one room”. It is true. when we are facing viva none of the faculties have completely read our thesis and though they are giving us suggestions.

Moreover, all have different and opposite openions. but “the guru” is my favourite, only come to get cookies.

Ninja vs professors:

Your computer desktop

happening outside’

The origin of the thesis

Take it out:

Draft approved

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