Current PhD programs at Stanford: 2020-21

Admission for the doctor of philosophy in various disciplines at Stanford University 2020-21.

Applications are invited for admission in PhD in the various subject at Stanford.

Standford is one of the leading and topmost university of the world established in 1891 by Leland and Jane Standford. Here for the year 2020-21 academic year, applications for PhD admission are invited.

Application requirement:

Application form:

Interested candidate must have to submit online application form for applying in any discipline. Apply now.

The 125$ application fee is non-refundable and must be received with the online application before the deadline.

Statement of purpose and CV:

Once the online application is filled, the candidate must have to send a hard copy of one or two pages, single-spaced statement of purpose in which he or she has to indicate their goal and reason for applying in particular discipline at Standford. Along with it, the candidate also has to indicate their future plan, career goal and why he or she is fit for the present post at Stanford.

The applicant may have to indicate the name of faculty in a respected field of study and why you want to do research with them.

In addition to this, the applicant has to submit their CV or resume with all the documents mentioned in the application form.

Write an excellent statement of purpose for Stanford. Click here

Recommendation letters:

The candidate must have to submit three recommendation letter from different well-known faculties during the online procedure.

You have to register the name and email address of the faculties, Stanford will send a confirmation email to whom you registered as a recommendation.

College and University transcript:

The applicant must have to submit the college or university transcript of their last academic record in the form of pdf or scanned copy.

Note: GRE and TOEFL score must be taken into consideration for foreign or students other than the USA.

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Requirements for the Degree:

Coursework: Coursework must be completed by the candidate within a year in their chosen field.

Field examination: For measuring candidates knowledge on methodology, theoretical construction and empirical evidence, the candidate must have to pass the examination by the end of the second year.

Research paper: candidate is required to submit a research paper of their work at the end of the summer.

Annual Evaluation: Annual evaluation of the research progress is done at the end of each year by the regodnised faculty members.

Oral examination: at the end of the PhD tenure candidate required to defend the dissertation and pass the oral examination or viva.

Dissertation: Candidate must have to submit their research in the form of a thesis or dissertation at the end of the PhD.

Why Stanford?

Stanford has outstanding research policies, doing a PhD at Stanford is a great experience.

Standford provides financial aids for every PhD student in all disciplines for 5 years in the form of a stipend, fellowship or assistantship salary.

Stanford enrolling only 25 to 35 students each year in various faculty, hence every student gets maximum personalised exposure at Stanford.

Stanford has highly experienced faculty in various disciplines.

Besides this, Stanford provides an excellent campus, hostel, library and reading facilities.

Subject offered by Stanford in various field:

PhD programs in various fields

PhD in Medicin– Stanford University 2020-21

PhD in Bioengineering

PhD in Bioscience

PhD in health policy

PhD in Epidemiology and Clinical Research

PhD in Engineering– Stanford University- 2020-21

PhD in Chemistry– Stanford University- 2020-21

PhD in Biology– Stanford University- 2020-21

Online PhD program– Stanford University- 2020-21

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