Is PhD worth it?

Is PhD worth it in 2021?

Education is an evergreen field including higher studies much like PhD in terms of earning, respect and positions which never let you down. 

Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages. suggest to me anything, I will explain it to you. Anything! And everything. 

And so is PhD! and any education degree.

I will bet you, with only a Master’s degree, though, you can get a good salary (using your sense of wisdom), but you can never get a higher position like professor, dean of the institute or principal of college. 

Because those positions are reserved for highly qualified people. Much like all these things, there are limitations of a PhD degree as well, we can’t deny that. Compared with other degrees, the PhD is more advantageous. 

The doctor of philosophy is given to the scholar of any discipline or subject who has completed their PhD. In any of the education systems, the PhD or related doctoral degrees are prestigious. 

To achieve a Doctorate degree one should have to face many problems. A candidate has to clear the master’s program, the PhD entrance exam and have to select a PhD supervisor or guide. 

Meanwhile, a PhD thesis, research paper and viva voce must be completed during the tenure of PhD. We can say it is more or less a path full of thorns and stones. 

Depression, anxiety, tension, frustration, loss of confidence are various other mental problems that are ordinarily reported in most PhD students. So the reward must be huge!

Let the negativity be put aside and discuss, is PhD worth it in 2021? 

In the present article, we will explain to you some of the advantages of a doctorate degree and why you should go for it. 

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Is PhD worth it in 2021? 

I can say, definitely. 

PhD is the highest level of educational qualification which is hard to achieve and hence the values are unmatched. 

Recent pandemic of COVID-19 proved that we need scientists, highly expertised scientists. 

  • Scientists who can treat the disease
  • Scientists who can discover why it is happened 
  • Scientists who can analyze the pandemic statistically 
  • Scientists who can aware people regarding the condition 
  • Scientists who can make vaccines against it. 
  • Scientist who can tailor a shield like protecting kit for medical professionals
  • Scientists who can develop high end state of the art instrumentations 
  • Scientists who can diagnose the condition, understand their genetics. 
  • Scientists who can predict the upcoming conditions. 

Isn’t it shocking? We need scientists, highly qualified, experienced and skilled peoples. And that are the doctorates and PhD aspirants. 

Recent pandemics showed that we need doctors, geneticists, molecular biologists, microbiologists, historians, statisticians, physicists, chemists and engineers. 

Now tell me what do you think about the future of PhD in 2021? It’s great. 

Mark my words, if you are a student of science and willing to go for a PhD in future, make it happen, you will be absorbed soon. 

There are numerous opportunities for PhD candidates in 2021 and henceforth there are higher opportunities for earning too. 

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For whom does the PhD worth it? 

First, i want to tell you that if you really want to do research and find something new, then only go for it. 

A PhD is worth it for those who want to do something new, create something new and find something new. Means for a person who really wants to do research. 

Not all are crazy for money only. Some want to establish themself for research or science, for those PhD is worth it. 

People who want to earn higher and more. 

If your desire is to earn money make sure if you don’t have other options, PhD is best for you. The PhD candidate always paid more than others. 

In the USA, a PhD candidate can earn 25,000$ to 1,00,000 per annum. Although the salary payscale is based on which subject you have done a PhD. 

A PhD is worth it in 2021 for those who want confort. 

If you don’t want to do anything new, go for academics. Select some small college or school and start teaching students, in a few years, you don’t even have to refer to the textbook. 

You can pass your life like this by having a good earring as well. Though I am not recommending it. 

A PhD is worth it in 2021 for those who want fame and be renowned.

Everyone wants to be famous. Some with doing nothing whilst some by doing outstanding work. With your PhD degree you can do some groundbreaking work, research or discovery which help humanity or your country.

You got famous. You can patient your discoveries and earn royalty as well. For these types of aspirants, I can say PhD is the important thing for your life. 

The PhD is also worth it for those who only want a degree to show off. Yes, it’s true. People are buying the degree in returns of high donation only to show off their qualifications. 

Usually, businessmen, organisation leaders and politicians want a higher degree to make themself stand above rest. 

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Advantages of PhD degree: 

A PhD degree will change your life totally. People criticize it that it can be purchased but trust me they know that it is hard to get. 

The values of having a PhD degree in your pocket, in any subject, no matter what it is! Is unmatched. 

Obviously you may get a job easily. High positions in organization, universities and companies are only reserved for PhD aspirants only. 

People see a person with the doctorate with respect in society. 

You can earn more money and endure a good lifestyle. 

With the great patent copyright you can even spend your life without doing a job. 

With the PhD degree, the opportunities for a person are endless, hence  you can become an expert in your field. 

You may go for academics. 

You can be a scientist in some respected organisations. 

I can say a PhD person is a born king, who can directly apply for higher positions in any organisation. 

Nonetheless, people make it difficult. Many job seeking and impatient students agree to anything, accept any positions and agree to any payscale. 

And hence the entire value of a PhD person is vanished. People from organisations and industries treating them like a fresher, though, they are not. 

Their original potential can not be utilized henceforth. And consequently, they think doing a PhD is worthless for them. 

Skills and expertise are everything, trust me if you have completed your PhD and never developed expertise and skills for some technique, you can’t be absorbed in the real-world. 

With skills and expertise, you can demand a higher position and higher salary confidently. 

Opportunities for a PhD: 

Traditionally research and academics are the only two options for a PhD student or person, what if they can get neither of these. It’s a risk. The major reason why it is so is that a person for getting PhD has to invest huge money and lots of time. 

But the recent time and the future is different. 

Besides, to become a teacher or lecturer you can be a scientist. 

You can be a writer for company, or media houses. 

You can be an analytics expert who evaluates conditions for a publishing house or new or media. 

You even can start your own business by your product or by acquiring a good product. 

You can even start your own company to provide scientific facilities online as well as offline. 

You can review literature on behalf of some media houses. 

You can be an online expert or counsellor. 

 Conclusively I can say PhD is worth it in 2021 and even in upcoming years. 

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Be patient, and wait for a good deal or opportunity, it will make your PhD degree worth utilizing. By analyzing the recent pandemic conditions so carefully, I can confidently say that the upcoming years are of scientists. 

Governments and counties will need scientists. So if you are in PhD, or decided to do it, go for it. Your decision is correct. 

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