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Easiest Research Paper Topic Ideas for Medical Science in 2021

A subsidiary branch of science that includes the study of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of a disease or condition is known as medical science. 

Medical science is a complex subject including many interdisciplinary subjects including human health, clinical science, immunology, pathology, microbiology, genetics, cardiology, Medicines and forensic science etc. 

I am from a medical background, not exactly but kind of! What I know about medical science is that it’s a subject that includes the study of

  • Disease or biological pathway or problem
  • Origin of disease 
  • Cause of the disease and its negative effect on one’s health
  • Its overall effect on the population 
  • Diagnostic options 
  • Cure and treatment options 
  • Management strategies

It’s solely a research field that includes pure, experimental and real wet lab work. So publishing a research paper or original work is very important for the researcher, medical practitioner, or student.  

In the present article, I will give you a brief idea about several research paper topics around which you can write a research paper and publish it. For that, I will structure the article in various subjects that are commonly included in medical science, topics that are brilliant to use and ideas for research papers. 

Stay tuned, 

Subjective vise research paper topic ideas: 

Epidemics and Pandemics: 

These two words are popular and common for us; we have faced many Pandemics and Epidemics every year and since the 17th century. But unfortunately, the COVID-19 and Swine Flu Pandemics are well known. 

So these are two hot and trending topics around which one can write an excellent, data-driven, statistically proven and experimentally perfect research paper. Moreover, let me tell you as less knowledge is present, the chances of getting published are higher too. 

Here are some of the fantastic ideas that can be used; 

  • How Pandemics and Epidemics are different 
  • H1N1 pandemic vs H1N1 Epidemics- which one was worse! 
  • COVID-19 Pandemics and Human Rights 
  • Testing techniques for COVID-19 and accuracy of results 
  • History of Pandemics and epidemics
  • How to manage epidemic or pandemics- preparation for common people.

Infectious disease: 

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Yet another trending topic is infectious diseases like the COVID-19, swine flu or common flu. Let’s take an example of COVID-19; 

  • Discussing possible reasons for spreading Coronavirus. 
  • Effect of COVID-19 on mental health
  • Economic crisis during the COVID-19 
  • Comparing different testing facilities for COVID-19
  • Positive role of NGOs during COVID-19 
  • How doctors’ and nurses life are affected during the COVID-19 situation 

Note you can design these topics for the H1N1 or common flu infection as well, replace the COVID-19 and use H1N1, instead.


Healthcare is a subsidiary medical science field that includes the strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, cure and management of a particular disease. Common research topics are like, 

  • How to improve the healthcare system 
  • What are the loopholes in the existing healthcare system? 
  • What are the preventive measures for a particular disease 
  • What are the management option available for a particular disease 
  • What are the treatment options and how to improve them for a particular disease
  • How to assess and improve the quality of the primary health care system 
  • What are the community health care guidelines
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a healthcare professional/ community health officer or medical primary healthcare practitioner? 
  • Conducting cancer awareness programs 

Diseases and disorders: 

One can write tons of research papers around particular disease or disorders and can select many, common diseases are; 

  • Thalassemia
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Diabetes 
  • Heart disease
  • Stoke 
  • Cancer 

Common research paper topic ideas are like, 

  • How to manage a disease 
  • What is the prevalence of the particular disorder in your country 
  • What are the common complications related to (N) disorders and how to overcome it 
  • What are the common testing and management options for a particular disease?
  • What is cancer and what are its types 
  • What is the common reason for developing a cancer 
  • How does cancer spread? 
  • What types of cancer are lethal? 
  • Efficiency and efficacy of various treatment options for a disease 
  • Reviewing the facilities for improving disease treatment
  • Causes of heart attack and coronary artery disease  

General/Public health problems: 

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  • How bad is smoking and how it damages 
  • Downsides of over alcohol consumption 
  • Side effects of alcohol and smoking during pregnancy 
  • How environmental pollutants are harmful
  • Possible reasons for failures in surgeries 
  • The status of the public healthcare system in developing countries 
  • Loopholes, problems and gaps in the healthcare system in developed countries. 
  • Decreasing the cost burdens of a serious disease (like cancer)
  • Improving mental health status during chemotherapy 

Vaccines and related topics: 

  • Measuring the efficacy and efficiency of COVID vaccines 
  • Role of various vaccines in decreasing disease burden globally. 
  • Side effects of a vaccine 
  • How can a vaccine save lives? 
  • Improving the vaccination drive of a COVID vaccines 
  • Educating people for COVID vaccination 
  • How a vaccine made 
  • Maintaining vaccine integrity 
  • Which vaccines are best- attenuated protein, heat-killed, live attenuated, mRNA or other. 
  • Cost effective vaccine options 

Primary healthcare: 

  • The role of primary healthcare workers in improving overall population health 
  • Occupational and environmental health and related issues 
  • How does the economic growth of the country depend on the primary health care system? 
  • How to improve healthcare facilities of the primary health care center 
  • Importance of primary healthcare for developing countries 
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of primary healthcare centres? 
  • Preventing vector borne disease- how can the primary health care system help? 

Medical ethics: 

  • Ethical considerations and role of human rights for participating in gene cloning and genetic engineering experiments 
  • Ethical consolidation for organ donation
  • Healthy medical practices and following the medical and biological ethics 
  • How ethics should be followed during in intro fertilization 
  • What are Medical ethics 

Biomedical and disease research: 

  • Treatments for Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Treatments and management for Parkinson’s disease 
  • Side effects of environmental pollutants on human health 
  • Antibiotic resistance- an emerging problem for the world 
  • Past, present & future; and treatment options, improvement scope and future options of infectious diseases

Mental health: 

  • Improving mental health- healthy practices and what to avoid 
  • How effective anxiety drug treatments are 
  • Possible reasons for anxiety disorders 
  • Public policies for mental health 
  • Reason and treatment options for depression 
  • Stress disorders and related issues 
  • Daily routine problems for schizophrenic person 

Controversial medical topics: 

  • Gene cloning and gene therapy as treatment options- should be legal or not? 
  • Societal perspectives for surrogate mothers
  • Violence in social media content and its effects on mental health 
  • Gender discrimination at hospitals 
  • Unfollowing goog medical and healthcare practices at hospitals 
  • The effects of the behaviour of a doctor on patients mental health 
  • Physical and other abuse in hospital 

Wrapping up:

Medical science, health care and public health have infinite topics and opportunities for writing research papers, here are just some examples, you can take an idea to write your own.

If you are a researcher, definitely publishing a research article will be your priority to survive and grow in the field, however, note that does not try to spread fake data and knowledge, use existing literature, topics and research to improve yours.

Also, keep in mind, do not try to copy others; plagiarism is not recommended which rejects your paper as well as ruins your reputation.

We are planning a whole series to write articles on every single topic in upcoming times.

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