5 steps to select the best Scopus-Indexed Journals

Nov 3, 2022

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Dr Tushar Chauhan

A Scopus-indexed journal is an utmost requirement to publish a research article. Here in this story, I have explained the process to select the best journals in 5 steps.

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Go to Google and search “Scopus-indexed Journals.”


Step 1

Select the first link as shown in the red box. Make sure to check the link and the SSL lock to authenticate the source.


Step 2

See the red box. Enter the subject area in this box and you will get the subject list.


Step 3

Search your subject area and select the topic. For example, Biotechnology and select it, see the red arrow.


Step 4

Click “Apply” and you will get 407 journal suggestions for your manuscript. You can download the entire list. See the red box and click on it.


Step 5

Bonus tip

How to download open-access journals only?

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See the sidebar and select “display only open access journals”, select “journal” and click apply. Follow the red box shown in the image.


Step 6

Now you have 93 open-access journal suggestions which you can download.


Step 6

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Image credit: Unsplash.