Reasons why a Journal rejects your Manuscript

Nov 3, 2022

Dr Tushar Chauhan

Image credit: freepik.

Manuscript rejection is a common problem students face during their PhD. Here are some of the common reasons why a journal rejects your manuscript.

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Your manuscript or article doesn’t match the scope of the journal.

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Reason 1

Your manuscript doesn’t follow the journal's guidelines for publication.

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Reason 2

Your manuscript is poorly edited, with grammatical, spelling and other language errors.

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Reason 3

Your manuscript lacks original, novel or significant research relevant to the topic.

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Reason 4

Your manuscript lacks proper structure or organization as per the requirement of the journal.

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Reason 5

Your manuscript or research doesn’t have prior ethical approval (In case, if required).

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Reason 6

Your manuscript has poor illustrations, figures or images.

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Reason 7

Your research work isn’t sufficient to publish in such reputed journals.

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Reason 8

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