8 Computational Skills PhD Students Need

Dec 9, 2022

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Dr Tushar Chauhan

Computational skills have a pivotal role in research. Here are some basic computational skills every PhD student needs.

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PhDs should know commands for cut, paste, copy, back, close and minimize along with other essential file commands.

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Basic commands

PhDs should know how to use the internet; and how to search, save, store and use various resources.

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Students should know how to change the font– style, size and types– bold, italic, underline, highlight and text alignment and spacing.

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Basic styling

Students should know how to print any document from the computer, in any format or style.

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One of the important tools every researcher should know how to use is Word. A thesis, article or research paper is written in MS Word.

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Excel is a tool researchers use for data management. It’s used for data representation, calculation, and statistical and computational analysis.

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Yet another important tool is PPT. Every student has to prepare a PPT for their research and thus they should know how to use it.

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PowerPoint Presentation

Students should also know how to use various useful online platforms, tools and software which they need for their research.

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Online tools

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